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I am the author of the newly published, autobiographical and political book, Slaying the Soviet Beast: The True Story about How the Cold War was Won. What Next? Liberty Hill , 2019. In this book, I describe the thrilling details of how I discovered and delivered information that revealed weaknesses in the Soviet system and was critical in bringing down the Iron Curtain. Separated unexpectedly from my family by the Cold War and watched by Soviet spies once in the United States, I established contact with American Intelligence and proposed a radical but peaceful solution to end the Cold War.

Why is all this relevant today? Because we are now facing dangerous, ongoing political trends in the US that are reminiscent of those that lead to the rise of the Soviet Bloc. The final section of my book reveals an analysis of the political situation over the lastseveral years and warns about the rising threat of communism in the US today. As we prepare for the elections, we must inform the American people that behind the fancy rhetoric used by the Democratic Party is pure communist propaganda.

The political activities of democrat leaders, including the Clintons and Obama, are analyzed and exposed in my book, revealing a communist conspiracy. My book describes the communist conspiracy in Poland in the mid 1980’s, when the Soviets were still in full power, before the Cold War was won. It provides examples of how citizens were oppressed, their struggles, and efforts to deprive them of their faith. How faith helped people to survive. My family and I were victims of this conspiracy and the communists did not hesitate to play their deadly games against us in the West. A recurrence of this dark scenario can be predicted for American citizens if communists are elected to power in this country.

The way to win is to reveal the truth about communists and their true intentions. Information exists about the crucial weakness of the Democratic Party and is sufficient to overcome them.
Information, therefore, should be the main weapon used by the Republicans to win in the election. Undecided voters and all other American citizens must be informed that they are facing a deadly enemy!

The ugly truth of communism is described in my book, based on historical facts, my own experiences, and a recognition of reoccurring patterns. Proper popularization of my book and the truth it reveals should help stop the communists in the US before they reach their full potential. The production and distribution of anti-communist or anti-socialist books was illegal in the Soviet Bloc. Let us take the opportunity, while we still have this freedom, to distribute and read about the threat of a communist revolution spreading in the West.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in popularizing my book.

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Slaying the Soviet Beast: A True Story about How the Cold War was Won. What next?

Edition: 2019, Liberty Publishing, Paperback and Hardcover


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